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Modern Muse: Margaret Zhang

Skin Deep is a short film I’ve put together compiling footages of my muse, Margaret Zhang and the people who inspires her. It discusses about the desire to experience something on a non-superficial level, something that is skin-deep. It raises raging emotions and the conflicting thoughts within us all, representing the weariness of our sub-conscience.


Note: I do not own the rights to any of the footages/audio.

Footage Credits:

1. There’s No Space Left in #C Minor Directed By Margaret Zhang
2. #GrowthStories, A short Film Directed by Margaret Zhang for Marimekko
3. I’ll Have What She’s Having, A Short film Directed by Margaret Zhang
4. Skin, Directed by Melodie Roulaud
5. Lipstick 2.0, A Film Directed by Jordan Hemingway, Creative Director Isamaya Ffrench
6. Break the rules: Rihanna, by MediaMecca for Paper Magazine
7. “Tempo” Husky Loops, By Rankin


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