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As human beings, we’re constantly changing and growing every step of the way. However drastic the change might be, a part of you always sticks – imprinted, embedded deep within your roots. Playing with reflective surfaces and offbeat organic compositions, intertwining the path towards being unapologetically oneself; this shoot emphasises on the imprints of the past and it’s necessity in building and transitioning towards the present self.Accompanied by a glimpse into the solid friendship of Ky and Tamara, we have imprint for Kitty Magazine (A publication created for our project).

Note: Photographs featured are all taken on film.



Credits –

Creative director + Film Photographer: Myself

Digital Photographer: Emily Gilliatt

Stylist: Emelia Powell

Videographer: Emily Cook

Interviewer: Gaby Regan

Models: Ky Lawrence and Tamara Asidi

Lauren on film
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