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Chair Study

Chair Study is a series I’ve created for Con’tour Mag, a publication for my Final Major Project investigating on the thinning of boundaries between art and everyday life. Adopting an inquisitive approach towards the study of human needs and desire, through analysing their interaction with the inanimate.

As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is”. An outfit can reveal a lot about one’s personality, mood, and schedule of the day, albeit it fluctuates frequently. With home being a more consistent reflection of someone.

Alike the way a home unpicks the essence of an individual, the headquarters of a brand speak volumes about its identity and beliefs. The selection of furniture featured presents a great insight to the designer’s vision for the brand. Expressing decisions about their sources of inspiration, working culture, and functionality.

Under a wide selection of furniture to choose from, I have selected “the chair” as a subject of focus. The chair is a fascinating subject of study. Its structure is always the same, yet its manipulations create all the difference. A universal object with deep rooted history in the field of architecture and design; and its budding importance in the realm of fashion. 

Here we have 4 different chairs that have impacted the design industry and are appreciated by many. Featuring, PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED Spade chair, Frama Triangolo chair, Artek 60 Stool, and the Fredericia Spanish chair. With the models emulating the characteristics and influences of each chair.

Art direction, Styling and Photography by Me.

Photography Assistant Xinyi Chai.

Hair and make up Shellvia Valentina.

Model Rochelle Lai.

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